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Locally Sourced

While efficacy has always been of prime importance for hair care products, consumers are now placing greater emphasis on merchandise that is locally sourced. They want to know more about suppliers, the ingredients they use, and whether they are eco-friendly. Uplift Provisions Company is proud to state we fulfill every requirement.

The Importance of Locally Sourced

Ingredients that are locally sourced include goods that are purchased directly from nearby suppliers, as opposed to vendors on the other side of the country or world. Since the dawn of the twenty-first century, globalization led to an environment where it is common to purchase key ingredients or raw materials from suppliers in different countries. For example, many modern automobiles are assembled from parts that come from different areas of the world. The engine might come from one country, while the doors, lights, and wheels might come from another, and so on.

While this system worked for a time, manufacturers in different industries are now recognizing the inherent disadvantages of globalization. For instance, should certain countries have a trade dispute or military conflict, businesses could suffer severe shortages should one or more governments decide to ban the export of essential raw materials. While large corporations have the clout and capital to weather the storm and seek alternative suppliers, many small to medium-sized businesses could be crippled and wiped out entirely.

The coronavirus pandemic is another example of why locally sourced products are so important. As a consequence of governments around the world locking down their economies and preventing international travel or shipping, small businesses were hit hard, with some being forced to close their doors for good. Companies that relied on local suppliers did much better because their raw materials didn’t have to be shipped over long distances and were thus protected from international travel or shipping restrictions. Other advantages of local sourcing include:

  • Higher quality end products: The quality of our hair care products is what makes customers return while referring us to their family members and friends. We prefer getting our ingredients from local suppliers, because when you depend on international suppliers and shipping you have little control over the quality of the ingredients, and not all countries maintain the same quality control standards.
  • It helps the environment: International shipping requires a tremendous amount of energy and fuel while producing waste byproducts that are harmful to the environment. Ingredients that have to be shipped from 3000 miles away will generate more pollution than ingredients shipped from 30 miles. Working with local suppliers reduces dependence on ships or planes which lowers the carbon dioxide levels transmitted into our atmosphere.

Why Choose Uplift Provisions Company?

Uplift Provisions Company takes sustainability and local sourcing seriously. Aside from the obvious cost advantages which are gained from acquiring ingredients locally rather than internationally, we also believe that helping the local economy first will eventually benefit the national and global economic spheres. When you buy locally, the money circulates within the community, helping everyone to thrive.

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